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The High Line

A young guy starts an affair with a model in a relationship. As their story evolves into the next step, her true nature is revealed.

Something that no one wants to talk about.

18th international film festival
Chellavision film festival
Sarajevo fashion film festival
Cefalù film festival

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Dmitry Korikov (Director) Commentary (RU)

Director – Dmitry Korikov
Producers – Dmitry Korikov
Cast – Dmitry Korikov, Polina Kaira, Kristina Boyko
Voice-over actor – Adamo Di Biase
Cinematographer – Pavel Skisov
Original score – Yuriy Makarov (Aurum.Logik)
Sound, Sound design – Vladimir Sukharev
Voice-Over text – Ruslan Morozov
Foley editor, dialogue editor – Aleksandr Tonyshev
Foley artist – Sergei Kupriyanov
Production assistant – Anastasia Martynova
Sound engineering – Nico Hamui
Associate Producer – Ken Mogzolov
Co-Editor – Vlad Zhuravlev
Color grading – Andrey Borovkov
Production designer – Anna D
Storyboard artist – Edward Coil
Special thanks to – Benjamin Liu, Natalia Klishina, Max Ponomarchuk
Production company – DK FILMS
Production countries – USA, Ukraine, Russia
Duration – 14:50 min; Year – 2017


Suggested age 17+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.