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SHORT FILM (post-production)

Bless you

Bless you

A midnight diner chat between a stoned young sociopath and an old man, tells of past kidnapping, rape and the next victim.

He stole me. Just to kill time.
He has so many more like me…       so many…

Bless you

Thanks for the robe my love.

Director – Maria Skobeleva
Cast – Dmitry Korikov, Klarissa Barskaya
Producer – Dmitry Korikov
Director of Photography – Dmitry Korikov
Screenplay – Maria Skobeleva
Editing – Maria Skobeleva, Kirill Myltsev
Production assistant – Anastasia Martynova
Production photographer – Pavel Denisenko
Poster design – Oleg Nasonenko
Production company – DK FILMS
Production country – USA
Duration – 6:10 min; Year – 2018

Suggested age 13+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.