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SHORT FILM (post-production)


Places we have been

Leaving a crazy relationship behind, guy asks himself why he always keeps making the same mistakes.

We think that our problems are original and unique…

Love is not only a human feeling. Albatrosses, swans, wolves and many others have monogamous pairs for the lifetime. Once they found a mate, they would never leave each other.


OST Raya Leon – Do You Remember

Music/Lyrics – Daria V. Akhlyustina
Production team – Famba, Benny Steely, Pavel Medvedev

The Last Book You Ever Need to Read

Author – Oleg Novoselov
Book – Women: A Textbook for Men

Dmitry Korikov (Director) commentary (RU)

Director – Dmitry Korikov
Cast – Dmitry Korikov, Daria Plyushko, Arsenii Savitskii, Raya Leon
Cinematographers – Andrey Aksonov, Arsenii Savitckii, Ken Mogzolov
Second unit directors – Ken Mogzolov, Andrey Aksonov
Screenplay – Dmitry Korikov, Ken Mogzolov, Ruslan Morozov
Producer – Dmitry Korikov
Associate producer – Ken Mogzolov
Editor– Kirill Myltsev
OST – Raya Leon
Production assistant – Anastasia Martynova
Crowdfunding campaign – Dmitry Korikov, Andrey Aksonov, Ken Mogzolov
Music video director – Dmitriy Korikov
Original idea – Dmitry Korikov, Ken Mogzolov
Script adviser – Oleg Novoselov
Production company – DK FILMS
Production country – USA
Duration – 13:50 min; Year – 2018

Suggested age 17+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.