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One Day

One day

A semi-documentary story of one day in the life of a homeless man in Los Angeles.

There are 58 000 homeless people in Los Angeles:

1 out of 228 Latino
1 out of 233 White
1 out of 233 Asian

1 out of 33 African American.

Dmitry Korikov (Director) Commentary (RU)

Director – Dmitry Korikov
Director of Photography – Arsenii Savitckii
Cinematographers – Dmitry Korikov, Eugene Baiste
Producers – Dmitry Korikov, Ekaterina Krasnova
Actor – Dmitry Korikov
Screenplay – Dmitry Korikov
Editor – Patrick Kenelly, Kirill Myltsev
Co-Editor – Kirill Myltsev
Boom operator – Reza Golestani
Special thanks to – Ken Mogzolov 
Production company – DK FILMS
Production country – USA
Duration – 13:20 min; Year – 2018


Suggested age 13+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.