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Interview with a child on his perspective about world’s never-ending wars.

We all are united through one dream that comes from childhood. To make this world better. We want to fight for the good. However, not all are lucky to learn that to achieve it, the one and only way is to give up the fight.

Director – Dmitry Korikov
Director of Photography – Zhora Nadtochnyi
Drone operator – Arseny Savitsky
Second unit Director – Ken Mogzolov
Cast – Man/Dmitry Korikov, Boy/David, Girl /Yana
Producer – Dmitry Korikov
Associate Producer – Ken Mogzolov
Screenplay – Dmitry Korikov,
Editor – Kirill Myltsev
Color – Nasty Bohemia
Special effects – Anton Ryabkov
Music – Oleg Afinsky
Idea – Andrey Korikov
Special thanks to – Dmitry Gorobets, Alisa Dervi, Oksana Doroshenko, Victor Kapshuk
Production company – DK FILMS
Production country – USA
Duration – 3:10 min; Year – 2018

Suggested age 13+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.