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SHORT FILM (post-production)


Mad River

1961. A factory worker switches out chemicals in a fertilizer that he believes killed his wife with cancer.

Can you imagine life without love, friends, family?

Dmitry Korikov (Director) commentary (RU)

Director – Dmitry Korikov
Second unit Director – Kirill Myltsev
Cast – Dmitry Korikov, Joseph Willey, Elona Lebedeva, Leonard Ward
Producer – Dmitry Korikov
Director of Photography – Artur Gubin
Screenplay – Maxim Martynenko, Dmitry Korikov
Sound mixer – Cory Zembower
Boom operator – Cory Zembower
Editors – Patrick Kenelly, Kirill Myltsev
Music – Sean Tinnion
Production assistant – Anastasia Martynova, Sergei Nedelkin, Frantsysk Hanchar
Hair – Irina Venediktova
Special effects MUA – Alicia Rae
MUA – Irina Ishchuk
Make up artists – Alicia Rae
Production photographer – Ken Mogzolov
Poster design – Oleg Nasonenko
First assistant camera – Frantsysk Hanchar
Backstage – Sergei Nedelkin, Frantsysk Hanchar
Special thanks – Leonard Ward for your pa car, Joseph Willey for garage, Patricia Coleman for barrel, Vera Kudryavtseva & Elena Linkova for help, Desi
Allinger-Nelson for house
Production company – DK FILMS
Production country – USA
Duration – 11:20 min; Year – 2018


Suggested age 13+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.