The High Line film poster

A young guy starts an affair with a model in a relationship. As their story evolves into the next step, her disgusting nature is revealed.

A story about something that no one wants to talk about.

18th international film festival
Chellavision film festival
Sarajevo fashion film festival
Cefalù film festival

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Director – Pavel K
Producers – Dmitry Korikov, Pavel K
Cast – Dmitry Korikov, Polina Kaira, Pavel K, Kristina Boyko
Voice-over actor – Adamo Di Biase
Cinematographer – Pavel Skisov
Original score – Yuriy Makarov (Aurum.Logik)
Sound, Sound design – Vladimir Sukharev
Voice-Over text – Ruslan Morozov
Foley editor, dialogue editor – Aleksandr Tonyshev
Foley artist – Sergei Kupriyanov
Production assistant – Anastasia Martynova
Sound engineering – Nico Hamui
Associate Producer – Ken Mogzolov
Co-Editor – Vlad Zhuravlev
Color grading – Andrey Borovkov
Production designer – Anna D
Storyboard artist – Edward Coil
Special thanks to – Benjamin Liu, Natalia Klishina, Max Ponomarchuk
Production countries – USA, Ukraine, Russia
Duration – 14:50 min; Year – 2017

Suggested age 17+
Independent films generally are not rated by the MPAA.